Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Fairly Creepy Shit I've Seen About the Place

It's not just in books and movies... creepy stuff is all around! Here, for your pleasure, are a few photographs of some odd, atmospheric and freaky things I've spotted around and about the city in which I live:

A cheap and public drug dealership? An extremely budget pathologist's office? Who knows?
Seen outside a local cafe.

Dear God... what lives at number 42?

Secret staircase! There are quite a few in town, to aid with the navigation of the sometimes treacherous hills, but they're certainly fairly eerie.
(View up the stairs)

(View down the stairs from the same spot)

An ominous message on a jar in a shop.

A common or garden creepy-looking entrance to a car park, but I like this one in particular as it belongs to the sleek 'n' modern LA Fitness. Ha!

Masons are weird. I know this - I've read From Hell. Although this chap looks quite normal (if a little overdressed for a Tuesday aftrenoon), bear in mind that this is the first time I've ever seen someone standing outside the Masonic Centre in nine years! Plus he's a Mason...must be up to something, right? Much like these guys...

A rusted entry-phone, a heavy black door. Sure signs that there are sinister happenings afoot...

What's that on the label? Who could dwell within?

"Dianetics & Scientology"?!


A Saw-like piece of equipment perched atop the Overlook of dodgy office blocks. Perhaps about to become spontaneously animate and devour that bird, Mangler-style?

Spotted this on a bench outside a pub. It reads: "I will kill you if you read this". A random public death threat! So extreme and bizarre it's almost endearing.


  1. Those are great! But, oh my god, what DOES live at number 42? And how on earth did you sneak that pic without it coming for you? Did you use some kind of cunning subterfuge? You could have worn one of those masks and pretended to be someone else.
    Very pleased you are back.

  2. The mystery of #42 is going to haunt me for years I think...

    and what on earth kind of a shop were you at that had that jar? O.o

  3. Omg the last one is hilarious! I love random witty graffiti.