Wednesday, 20 October 2010

More Mark Gatiss - hooray!

Gatiss, my Hero of Horror (see previous post) has been busy - as well as co-writing and acting in the superb BBC production Sherlock, he's made another series for the BBC entitled "A History of Horror". The first episode focuses on the Universal Studios cycle of Frankenstein / Dracula films; the second on the British horror movies of the 60s, including Hammer and Amicus productions. You can watch it on the iPlayer (not sure about the deal for overseas viewers, sorry) - I'd highly recommend it for any horror fan.

P.S. I'm not sponsored by the Beeb or anything... I watch X Factor, you know... (ach, the shame and self-loathing!)

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  1. Oh, I'm loving this too. Every second you can just see how much he genuinely loves the genre and that's so joyous, I just lov it. His childhood stories remind me of me as a kid too. Funny.
    Oh, that clip in the last one of Peter Cushing and Vincent Price just chatting between takes was so awesome! It made me and my husband giddy with joy. I could have watched that conversation for hours, in fact I'd watch any conversation between them for hours. Just magic. Can't wait for the next one.