Monday, 25 June 2012

Manga Monday!

It's Monday, and I've spent a significant portion of my paycheque on buying Manga.  Damn you, Dave's, for being so accommodating to browsers!  (For those of you not from neck of the woods I currently inhabit - Dave's is my magnificent local comic book shop, and the first place to benefit from my hard-earned after the 23rd of the month.)

There's a lot of damned  good horror Manga out there, and for a couple of months I've had my eye on a series called Parasyte.  It had me at ""     

It's a balls-out gorefest - within the first few pages you have a guy whose head splits clean open to reveal an unholy cross between The Thing, the Predator and one of those messed-up things from Pan's Labrinth, which proceeds to bite his wife's head off and eat it.

However, despite the gore and high body-count of this series so far, it also manages to be a strangely touching story.  The protagonist is a high-school student called Shin, who was infected by an alien parasite but managed to prevent it from invading past his arm.  In consequence, he has a sentient alien being in place of his right hand, who takes the name of Migi.

Just a normal guy, and his alien-parasite hand

Once Shin realises that he's stuck with Migi, a strangely touching relationship unfolds.  Migi (translation of Japanese for "right") knows instantly that he's failed to occupy the brain  - the goal of the invading species.   Being a parasite, he relies on Shin for his food, and Shin begins to rely on Migi to defend him. A whole lot more ensues, but I may leave that for the next Manga Monday....  Until then, I leave you with this:

So sweet... just like that thing from Flight of the Navigator. (Apart from the hand-eating...)